Second Step provides instruction in social and emotional learning with units on skills for learning, empathy, emotion management, friendship skills, and problem solving.The program contains separate sets of lessons for use in prekindergarten … Academic Standards Find out how Second Step’s Bullying Prevention Unit complements academic standards, frameworks, and practices, including Common Core and McREL. Second Step is school-wide curriculum that gives students the tools to navigate their way through school and their community. The Second Step program is a … Through games, activities, and songs students build skills to become ready for learning, show empathy, manage emotions, and problem solve. Second Step is a universal, classroom-based social-emotional curriculum that is based on research. Second Step is a social competency-building (i.e., empathy, problem-solving, and impulse control enhancing) violence pre-vention curriculum developed by The Committee for Children, an American nonprofit organization (Larsen & Samdal, 2007, 2008). Preschool & Elementary SELect Program Program Design and Implementation Support. Second Step is a comprehensive, classroom-based curriculum aimed at inculcating skills in the areas of empathy, perspective taking, problem solving, self-control or self-regulation, and anger management or emotion regulation for preschool through 8th grade (Committee for Children, 1991, 1997). What is Second Step? Second Step Preschool Curriculum Shooting Stars has purchased the Second Step curriculum and uses it a few times a week through out the school year. Each lesson is developmentally appropriate and sequential. The program is designed for preschool aged children and teaches skills to listen, pay attention, remember directions and control emotions. ... Twelve Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). 2nd ed. Second Step skills to change behavior. Providing young children with Anti-Bullying Legislation Learn how Second Step’s Bullying Prevention Unit aligns with common anti-bullying laws, including … Identify the feelings learned in the Second Step program when presented with facial clues Demonstrate the Calming-Down Steps in response to scenarios Week 23 Saying the Problem Week 22 Joining In with Play You need to calm down before you solve a problem The first Problem-Solving Step is to use words to say the problem … Schools implementing the Second Step SEL curriculum in grades Pre-K through 5th MUST also implement the CPU in the corresponding … Lessons are designed to teach children how to understand and manage their emotions, control their reactions, be aware of others’ feelings and have the skill to … See Chart (PDF) . reports are available as Adobe PDF® files for free download at . Dear Second Step Teacher: Welcome! You join thousands of classroom and community leaders throughout North America and overseas who, since 1987, have used Second Step®: A Violence Prevention Curriculum to teach social-emotional skills. Curriculum Development for Medical Education: A Six-Step Approach. The curriculum is designed to reduce aggressive behavior and increase … Kern DE, Thomas PA, Hughes MT, eds. The second has maps for The Serenity Prayer. Second Step makes “extensive … Baltimore (MD): Johns Hopkins University Press; 2009. and receives royalties from the publisher, Johns Hopkins University Press. Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment - Elementary Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment - Secondary Deputy Superintendent of Administrative and Support Services The Second Step add-on units of the CPU and the BPU builds upon the foundation set by teaching the Second Step SEL curriculum.