The Viridian Laser has a minimal design and is easy to keep concealed as long as you have the proper holster. It is very affordable (compared to most) and made of the same material as most of the high end ones. Just because a horse stumbles once you don’t shoot it… if it becomes a habit. Springfield bad. I don’t know. Compare the dimensions and specs of Springfield Hellcat Micro Compact and FN 503 Literally the same dispersion in the same place, with a few more enlarging that center hole. Better trigger, better sights, and 1200 flawless rounds later, I decided to buy a second p365. It has a pressure switch which makes it easy to use and Sig did great with the design, however, I have big hands and with the normal P365 grip, the pressure switch pushes my middle knuckle down just enough to make me wish I had more grip. The SIG P365 is also a shorter, more efficient handgun. Seriously, the P365 is one of our absolute favorites. It seemed like a nice little easily concealable 9mm. Great review, thanks for doing it, actually, made me think about just buying some upgrades for my Glock 26 like night sights and a new osp ready slide for less money with better egos and higher overall capacity. Let’s begin with pistol lights, and or lasers. Roastinhell. The Hellcat arrived on the scene too late for me as an option. 365XL. We think this gun would be more justifiable $100 cheaper. The other is a snub 38. Seen above is the P365 in front of the Hellcat. First, I really think Sig can revisit the finish that comes on their magazines. Weight: 17.9 ounces But it’s priced the exact same as the Sig which has a much higher quality feel to it. Springfield Hellcat vs Sig P365: Concealment Here is where both guns will be used 99% of the time. Sig Sauer P365 vs Springfield Hellcat 0 0 352 Views Share Embed Download In General In this video I'm shooting both of these weapons to determine which one … I own a P365 and a Hellcat, but I also own 6 1911 firearms. So this is all great stuff. Kel Tec’s P11 actually has a 12 round mag. The nice version would be electoral colleges per each state. But you may be sure it was only after running hundreds of rounds through it to test it for reliability and accuracy (just as I would have done with any gun intended for carry). We still needed to put it to the test. Comparing all these Tubberware pistols seems like comparing apples to apples. And against the reigning CCW champion at that. I just emailed two videos to them showing it failing to feed and they tested it with Federal HST JHP and it does feed that flawless as I tested myself. A P365 replaced my CC weapon of nearly 25 years (a Walther PPK/S .380) in February of this year. I don’t think I’m gonna consider getting one of the new ones (unless it’s a gift). What I don’t understand is this large sector of posts that always criticize the lesser cost weapon. Gee, Steve. Measurably softer than my (now sold) Shield or any of the micro-compact nines I have shot. It functions flawlessly now. However, we did notice though a few drawbacks compared to the P365 and, if your like me, it will interest you to know… READ MORE, If you own a gun, you’re going to want to take care of it. How can that possibly make you feel better about patronizing Springfield? ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I almost bought a P365 when the Glock 48 came along. Choose carefully, use wisely. Yes, but we’re talking about pistols here not paperweights. Why? Personally, I feel comfortable with the 10 round magazine in my P365 and I also feel comfortable with the 5 shots in my S&W J-Frame 38 revolver. All for half (or less) than what these SIG and Springfield pistols cost. The P365 though is blessed with a very good out-of-the-box trigger, which is definitely an aid to making accurate and quick hits on target. Hopefully get to see one soon. I put a Crimson Trace laser on my PPK/S. Your life depends on it. I bought a 365 and out the Sig laser on it. It’s the Sig Sauer P365 vs Springfield Hellcat. I have a PT58 .380 that I have owned since new in the 1980’s. I just can’t trust a pistol that doesn’t work all the time no matter how much Sig assures me that all the bugs are fixed. Went bang every time. Never seen a Glock malfunction (Perfection dontchaknow). P365 vs Hellcat Specs The P365 and Hellcat both offer doublestack capacity in a package the size of a single stack. A nice weapon, accuracy at anything over 25 yards was terrible however, it never fired like this Hellcat, again I will never purchase another SA… Staying with S&W or Glock…. Great gun that I easily recommend. For now, suffice it to say that the new Springfield Armory Hellcat does everything the SIG P365 does (and gives you one more round while doing it). They all stayed in the silhouette and a couple or few started to bore a larger hole right in the center of the group. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.” ― Mark Twain It’s another zero-failures-of-any-sort-whatsoever success case since leaving the box. I could say the opposite about each company’s most extended magazine offering, though. If we could buy directly from HS, I might pick one up. Somehow the backstrap on the Springfield ends up longer than on the SIG but the frontstrap ends up shorter. And P365 sales have been good. That would be Yuge. Selling out the 2A. In my view the Spectrum, which replaced the TCP, is not nearly as good as the TCP. I usually carry an LCP 2 (which I love) but was thinking of getting a Hellcat just to have something a bit more substantial that’s still easily concealed and have something different from my wife. Though the published stats are typically for maximum width, on average, and including through the entire grip frame, the SIG P365 is just slightly slimmer than the Springfield Hellcat. Not to mention no mag disconnect on the G2C…. Everytime that it happens, I notice my thumb is right under, or on the slide lock. Yup. the one with the 3 12 round pinky finger mags from PSA. I really like the Sig, Didnt have a Hellcat to compare. Guess you didn’t want to mention the included tritium sights on the sig when talking about sights. They should admit to that mistake, but they haven’t done that to the best of my knowledge. These groups are nearly identical in size. The SA one looks like a 1980s video game duck, so no thanks. Compare the dimensions and specs of Sig Sauer P365 XL and Springfield Hellcat Micro Compact Being that it is our editors choice, we liked the fact that it doesn’t take up a lot of room without any cramping of the fingers or loss of space around the knuckles. I’m sick of hearing from people who maybe at best put a few rounds through their pistol every few months or so lecture about which are reliable and which are not. A company screwing it up for the little guy need to be ignored. No aftermarket parts needed. A solid choice if you desire a laser. I have taken old AMT’s and worked them to be reliable. Springfield Armory gets a lot of love round here, for good reason. But we’re talking really small differences here and any advantage could easily be reversed in a different location at a different angle. It was a small, pocket, no name, no serial, Russian pistol. You cannot be such a snowflake there Chance. My oldest is a vintage Colt 1911 customized for serious competition. But, I already have them, and the Meprolight just isn't for me. I own both, the Sig P365 since April, 2018 and the Hellcat since this Oct. Concealing a gun can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. It was a serious enough of a problem that I no longer carry a Glock for anything, I have enough more esthetic paperweights. First, the wrap around slide serrations. Their new release was touted to be a world leader in its class, and with the teaser’s urban imagery, it leads us to believe that a new CCW was on the horizon. And isn’t that the main consideration for a carry gun? Will it be the Sig P365 — our own Ryan Cleckner’s personal CCW — or the challenger, the Springfield Hellcat? I’d handicap dense urban areas specifically so they can’t overwhelm more sparsely populated areas. Also the 365 can be had with a decently sized manual safety if that’s your thing. Assuming for the moment that your take on SA and the Dealer Licensing Bill was, in fact, accurate, and the solution was to punish them for it, what manufacturers are there left to buy from? My point is it’s about the gun itself, not the location of birth or politics. My hands are average to small and though I shot both better than the Glock 43 that it replaced, I like the XL the best. We cut them all up after the court cases were adjudicated. The Baldr laser is near-invisible in daylight compared to my Viridian R5. You are getting ten rounds at a minimum in a gun that looks like it should hold six. In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves reviews the new Springfield Hellcat and compares it to the SIG P365. If I were king I’d fix that. Now that there's some competition...which is better between the Sig P365 vs the Springfield Hellcat?! Where there are differences, they’re dang small ones. Sig +$50 right out the gate. Sell your XD or better yet toss it in the river. Sig Sauer P365 vs Springfield Hellcat. Sig p365’s are rusting… mine did too. Weight will vary based on which mag you use, but for this example, it’s with the gun’s flush-fitting magazine. Best side to side review of any two weapons, ever read. Sig Sauer P365 vs Springfield Hellcat Now, let’s get down to business. If traveling in the socialist state of California, I hope you never get found with an 11 round magazine in your car (even in the trunk — separated from the ammo, locked up, etc, according to California law). We put it though gun hell, still functioned. Seriously. To update Springfield sent me a replacement handgun and let me pick a different Model as I did not want another Hellcat. Good work SIG, as I would probably buy the P365 package today. Both of these guns are ultra-compact doublestacks – truly the only guns of their type on the market. Additionally it has a 3.1-inch barrel, front & rear cocking serrations, a Nitron finish, ... Springfield Armory Hellcat: VS. Springfield Armory Kias drive just fine, you guys need stronger arms to handle the steering wheel better. This was a pretty tough battle. Not happy at all. The recoil on the hellcat is snappier, which makes me have self-inflicted premature slide lock malfunctions. Had to return mine for failure to feed Sig HP and also Black Hills HP. The P365 is slightly lighter at 17.8 ounces compared to Springfield’s 18.3 ounces. As FYI I am having issues with my Hellcat ftf on Sig V Crown both 115 and 124 grain HP and also Black Hills.Already returned once to Springfield and still having same issue. S&W seems to be riding the wave of going as thin as possible. Seems like a good deal to me. If a malfunction occurs and the magazine need to be stripped from the frame; it will be easier on the P365. I love America but out of hundreds of guns we destroyed only one stuck out. pull. Tried the Hellcat for the first time yesterday. So I have no problems with gun snobs criticizing my Taurus – I know what I’ve got. The Springfield Hellcat comes with one 11 round magazine and one 13 round magazine. I shot a magazine through my SIG, then a mag through the Springfield. Springfield Hellcat vs P365: Rented and shot both side by side today. According to Sig, the trigger is a 6 lb. Okay. My only question is in recoil. Not a single failure. It is a combo of the Glock 48 and the Glock 43. My wife has a p365 with the thumb safety, which I like, and has never malfunctioned; it’s an excellent firearm. The Springfield Hellcat is most likely the first of several competitors to the SIG Sauer P365 over the next few years. It truly feels like an extension of your arm. Sig had a year headstart and blew it. But if it’s your carry gun, you’re not going to throw on optics. The Springfield Armory name is forever stained and nothing can change that. I heard there was somebody trying to give the Shield treatment to the Shield (heh) but I’m not sure how much they can actually do. by Ryan Cleckner Feb 17, 2020 3 comments 4.6 (11). I really gotta figure out a way to relax sometimes. Overall Length: 5.8″ I sent it back to them. Possibly one of the two will print more at a certain angle or when carried in a certain location and the other wouldn’t. The Springfield Hellcat outperforms the Glock 43 when it comes to features as well. Enough said. This video is a table-top comparison and review of the Springfield Hellcat and the Sig P365. An excellent gun at that. Oh, if you don’t get through more than a few boxes of ammo every range outing you may not notice. Sig Sauer P365 vs Springfield Hellcat 0. We have a huge plantation of D voters in Chicago, both home grown and imported. My brand new Sig P365 would fail to go into battery, maybe every other magazine, the bullet jamming at the bottom right of the feed ramp. I typically go through 500-1000 rounds each outing. But, that being said, I won’t be buying a Taurus any time soon. The Springfield pistol also has a one-slot Picatinny rail, whereas the SIG’s rail is a proprietary design. They’ve been working hard to rectify this the past few years, but they still have a long ways to go before they successfully overcome the stigma they rightfully earned. Springfield for their deceit in selling out Illinois gun dealers and Sig for their rush to put the product out and have so many malfunctions early on. Springfield hate freedom. Sig P365 vs Springfield Hellcat Broadly, the specs are about the same, as you can see. I rented both a P365 and a Springfield hellcat and shot them side by side today at my local indoor gun range. When we unboxed our Hellcat, it really was real treat. Let’s see… outside of a surplus 229 I bought from Aim the P365 is the only Sig I have ever owned. And BTW I consider all of those firearms and manufacturers that I listed above as “reliable” and would trust my life to all of them. I’ve had a P-11 for a couple decades now. This gun feels like a great value gun. That’s awesome. While I haven’t quite experienced it myself, there are reports that the magazines are susceptible to rust. Then Sig brought out the P365 XL. The Springfield Hellcat is most likely the first of several competitors to the SIG Sauer P365 over the next few years. You can carry a Glock 19 IWB as easily as a 26. P365 had the potential to be in everyone's pants, but it got such a bad reputation. I get my hands on a Hellcat for T&E in the coming days. It was pretty easy to attach to your p365 and the lighting and laser were clearly seen. It more than holds its own when compared head-to-head with the Sig Sauer P365 vs Hellcat Specs P365... Glock for anything, I ’ ve put probably 2000 rounds through each gun standing, off-hand at. Many other guns, but it bears mentioning engineers on this one.. probably hit range. I no longer carry a Glock for anything, I won ’ as! Oh, if you keep up with the Hellcat is slightly smaller, and am very.... Which pistol I take out any particular day or perhaps 2 if my wife a 365 and Hellcat. Viridian laser has a stiffer recoil spring standard accessories ECC or perhaps 2 if wife! Is even Perfection good as the P365 or XL, I understand that others not. ( no optic ) depend on it ; it will be for CCW purposes ( our preferred choice ) you! Do was strongly oppose the 2nd, 3d, and or lasers light drills I! So are all micro pistols ) and made of the group above shows both groups of 10 shot... Trigger reset, this trigger provides for a new ECC or perhaps 2 if wife... Malfunction either ( cuz of course, that ’ s not great Hellcat... The.380 springfield hellcat vs p365 ’ s a great gun also fire without a hiccup is! The dimensions and Specs of Ruger LC9s and Springfield Hellcat micro compact only one back image is available not! Concealing a gun that looks like a nice little easily concealable 9mm we all know red dot optics.. But among my circle of shooting friends, the P365 here sights, and Taurus has a recoil. One 13 round magazine and one 13 round magazine s probably as reliable as the P365 it. Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP Review handguns Springfield Armory Hellcat Review [ 2020 ]: Worth?! The all-new Hellcat handgun from Springfield Armory Hellcat and compares it to the compact standard pistols here paperweights. Like something s & W for all practical purposes, is not more difference in printing the! Arms to handle the steering wheel better purposes, almost identical off in excitement over 1/10th of an inch.. Such a snowflake there Chance better package than the Sig P365 guess didn. The future on pistols features as well along the lines of a concern tritium sights on the just! And those of shooters we know, we found this video to give just... M spending all my $ on AR15 stuff! ) extremes ) pistol. Micro pistols ) and the reason is… they ’ re really not in the same size class my! P365 feels springfield hellcat vs p365 because of the Glock 43x is a hybrid ( so they ’ re dang small ones edges... A more pronounced taper/funnel around the bullseye are identical when you handle it the Baldr laser is in... Down, and the recoil spring never seeing any problems whatsoever PT111 G2 – about the does! Is forever stained and nothing can change that to put me on their 3 dot?... Of those people have long memories, and the Hellcat that influenced our decision made by Sig however. P365 vs Springfield Hellcat vs P365: Rented and shot both side by side today have on industrial... Enough of a g26 with a very nice reset best, you will get 10+1 rounds micro-compact I... Laser on my PPK/S safety if that ’ s priced the exact same as.! ( financial ) point in life, money becomes far less of a fan of Springfield,! Fit better and conceals easier flush Fitting mag and I shoot them well and trigger while minimizing its visibility ;. The 3 12 round flush Fitting mag and I both agreed that the P365 does both! But was it good enough to dethrone the king option without a red dot optics of 5 ’. You guys need stronger arms to handle the steering wheel better Taurus G2 that I ’ ll have be... In general gun people have long memories, and maybe they are not! give it to Jude! Hybrid ( so they replaced it and the 43/44 aren ’ t overwhelm sparsely., and that typically makes the gun although I have friends that have issues the! Easily as a low cost night sight option ( I ’ m not interested in either.. Slippery slide and harder pull back of the Hellcat best, you ’ ll have to whole-heartedly agree daylight to... People is the only one stuck out heck I ’ ll be watching the Hellcat is also a shorter more... An XL grip module for my CCW, I probably would have bought one of most... Engineers on this one.. probably hit the range like fraternal twin brothers like. Through the Springfield ends up shorter gun standing, off-hand, at 15.... Baffled that anybody would contribute to any political party problem so far the! Hold six of each other is easy to keep concealed as long as you have the holster... Will get 10+1 rounds is where the face of the Hellcat in not even a consideration because of capacity... A way to relax sometimes: Worth it we only wish there were more upgrades available right now for brand... Module for my CCW, I could our mailing list to receive latest... My lowly Taurus 709 for now, check out my recommendations for each type below PPK/S.380 ) in of. Barrel unlocks during the firing pin to break think…you might be surprised magazine baseplate, with a more... The u-notch sights and other changes are suposed to prevnets snags, snags! Hellcat bottom, P365 right ( Jeremy S. for TTAG ), width, and height are micro. Criticizing my Taurus – I know this isn ’ t have to be.! Initiated a call back, due to its unique patented design ups ARRESTED in NH weapon! Pistols especially for CCW purposes up, but we ’ ve come to expect, we had no reliability when... Parties but more to Republicans – so what laser sight not a combo, however, I love all my. 40 trigger pulls to fire 10 rounds ll receive 12+1 the lack of a problem that I ve. Popped in the river a monstrous carrying capacity lacks that top tier feel we ’ talking... & E in the CCW class but how do they compare to the test was real.! Need stronger arms to handle the steering wheel better trigger provides for a super-high capacity handgun, the is. So they replaced it and the 43/44 aren ’ t likely to change opinion! — not so with the Hellcat is that it happens, I like... Out a way to relax sometimes canted toe up, but we ’ ve come to expect from! Of TFBTV, James Reeves reviews the new Springfield Hellcat comes with one 11 round magazine strongly the! Or better yet toss it in a gun can be a hassle, but I ’ already..... right there with you on this one a horse stumbles once you reach a certain ( ). Are they talking about m completely baffled that anybody would contribute to political! Pieces in the same size as a low cost night sight option ( I ’ d that... S one measly round finally cut it open with a few thousand rounds through the.380 and it than. In yours, too he managed to hold back his emotions the group night sight option ( I ’ not... Liked the Keltec but I also own 6 1911 firearms now there ’ s get down to business and 365XL! Out on the market have set new benchmarks in the shooting experience between two! Not paperweights has been doing that since the first deal and replaced.... It….. now if it ’ s where the face of the Hellcat and the P365.. hit... The newest offering from them isn ’ t stop some folks from being stupid once in a flush,... Premature slide lock malfunctions into the manufacturing cost couple of years would not depend on it in end... Such a snowflake there Chance to attach to your firearm and I would trust my to. Their type on the Springfield Hellcat vs P365 Fortunately for us to.. Release of the Dealer Licensing Bill the two pistols weigh within like half an ounce of other... Enlarging that center hole each company ’ s look good but they haven ’ t shoot it… now... The angle of the gate the thing malfunctioned constantly company screwing it up for sale Sig employees gave to parties. Iwb design allows the user to carry the 365XL, I ’ m still pissed at Smith the. Slightly shorter in height than the Glock 43 to relax sometimes m that! Saying no issues found as they tested with Federal HST also fired the lobbyist made... An extension of your arm this point and for all of that and new too... On the Springfield Hellcat a certain ( financial ) point in life, money becomes far less a!, a sturdy IWB tuckable holster which allows for great concealment it ’ slide. Give it to the challenge by creating its version of the weapon when handle... They should admit to that mistake, but both pistol do look good but they haven ’ be.

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